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Band Bio

Band Bio

Alesia Panajota is a singer/songwriter/recording artist born in San Mateo, California where her musical odyssey began. When she was little, she would sit under the piano whenever her mother played pop tunes and boogie woogie. While her mother played by ear, her father was tone deaf and her brother, who was pushed to play the piano, was not really that interested in music. Luckily, she inherited her mother's ear for music, had some incentive and got her first guitar at age 10. Her first instrument was a harmonica actually and she was in an all harmonica band for awhile. She would lock herself in her room and sing along to Beatle records. She also immersed herself in folk music, started writing songs and was hooked. She has sung in many different music groups, majored in music but didn't stick with it and went to the school of hard knocks instead, just getting out there and playing. She started performing in cafes, coffeehouses and clubs in the late seventies, teamed up with other singers and wound up in an all women's band, when it was still pretty novel, playing folk rock and blues. 

She went on the road, toured the midwest, south and southwest hiring pick-up bands in the eighties and nineties. She was supposed to debut in New York when her father passed away suddenly and came back to the west coast and hung up her touring shoes, doing shorter runs after that. She has played in all kinds of venues from the San Francisco bay area and beyond since with her band Blues Per Square Inch and is joined by Louise Mcternan on flute who was one of the original members when the group formed back in 1987. BPSI cut its’ teeth in the south and north beach blues jams. Other musicians in the band are Tim Landis on guitar, Sebastian Link on bass and guitar and the newest member, Tim Stearns on sax. The band's sound is an eclectic blend of blues, jazz and rock with a hint of gospel. Alesia is BMI published, has had some radio airplay around the country, mostly on college stations with some cable TV appearances. She is signed to Treasure Coast Records, an independent label in Florida. You can listen to her music on sound cloud. For booking contact 415-694-8740 or bluespersquareinch.com

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